waste segregation

What to put in which bin?

paper and other cellulose products

You can put paper in the blue paper bin:

  1. paper
  2. newspapers
  3. magazines
  4. advertising brochures
  5. flyers
  6. catalogues
  7. books
  8. notebooks
  9. paper and cardboard packaging
  10. cartons
  11. corrugated cardboard

You must not put anything in the blue waste bin:

  1. fax paper
  2. accounts
  3. invoices
  4. carbon paper
  5. greasy butter or margarine paper
  6. waxed paper
  7. wallpaper
  8. lime, cement and gypsum sacks
  9. milk and drink cartons
  10. hygiene waste
  11. clothes
metals and plastics

You can put plastic and aluminium (metal) in the yellow bins:

  1. crushed and empty plastic drinks bottles (without caps)
  2. bottle and jar caps crushed and empty plastic food packaging
  3. cosmetics and household chemicals (without caps)
  4. plastic objects
  5. crushed aluminium beverage cans
  6. metal tins and cans for preserves
  7. crushed milk and beverage cartons (without caps)
  8. bags
  9. plastic films
  10. plastic bags
  11. advertising bags
  12. plastic fruit baskets
  13. fine iron and non-ferrous metal scrap

Remember to keep plastics out of the plastic bin:

  1. bottles and containers with contents
  2. packaging of catering products
  3. food and motor oil packaging
  4. car parts
  5. aerosol cans
  6. herbicide and insecticide packaging
  7. paint cans and other strong chemicals
  8. furniture and parts thereof
  9. white goods
  10. greasy food grade polystyrene
organic waste

In the brown bin for mixed waste and biodegradable waste, put only what you cannot separate into the separate waste bin or what you cannot take to the PSZOK or MPSZOK. You can put in the brown waste bins:

  1. vegetable and fruit residues
  2. coffee and tea grounds
  3. eggshells
  4. contents of hoover bags
  5. food leftovers
  6. wilted flowers and potted plants

You must not put in the brown bin:

  1. cigarettes
  2. green waste
  3. batteries and accumulators
  4. medicines
  5. chemicals
  6. construction waste
  7. edible oil
  8. earth and stones
  9. animal faeces
mixed waste

In the mixed waste bin, which is black in colour, you can put:

  1. porcelain
  2. table glass
  3. areosol containers
  4. textiles
  5. meat and bone scraps
  6. wet or soiled paper
  7. used hygiene materials
  8. disposable nappies
  9. litter from animal litter trays
  10. broken glass and mirrors

Remember to keep plastics out of the plastic bin:

  1. hazardous waste, e.g. medicines
  2. paints and oils and their packaging
  3. packaging for plant protection products
  4. waste electrical and electronic equipment
  5. appliances and consumer electronics
  6. bulky waste
  7. green waste
green waste

There are often separate green containers for green waste (collected from March to November). You can put in these containers:

  1. leaves
  2. grass cuttings
  3. shredded branches

We don't throw in here:

  1. stones
  2. ashes
  3. earth