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Real estate agency and services


We encourage you to make use of our services in the field:

  • acting as an intermediary in the sale of real estate,
  • agency in rent or lease of real estate, which are conducted exclusively under the supervision of a licensed real estate agent

As part of the service, we perform all activities leading to the conclusion of a transaction (sale, exchange, lease, rental), from acquiring a client (buyer, lessee, tenant), through analysis of the property’s legal status, legal advice, financial and credit advice, to concluding the final agreement for the sale, lease, exchange or rental of the property.

For our regular customers (members of the housing communities managed by us, owners of the properties managed by us) we offer very attractive cooperation terms (competitive commission, additional services)


We offer to carry out all activities aimed at concluding a suitable transaction (sale, exchange, lease, rental), in particular including:

  • analysis of the legal status of real estate,
  • analysis of the technical condition of the property,
  • activities aimed at finding a buyer or tenant for the property,
  • Verification of clients (especially in terms of lease of premises),
  • advice on financing of transactions,
  • acquisition and preparation of documentation necessary to conclude the transaction.

The detailed scope of duties, as well as other principles of cooperation are determined in each case in the agreement concluded with the property owner.
We look forward to working with you!

Frequently asked questions

The price of the service is determined in each case by negotiation with the client. The market price of the service is between 1 and 3% of the sale price of the property, or one or two months’ rent in the case of a lease or rental.

Yes, we have the legally required third-party liability insurance for real estate brokerage. Although the obligation to hold a real estate agent’s licence has been abolished in Polish law, we employ a person holding such a licence, obtained before 2014 (before the obligation to hold a licence was abolished).

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