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Lease and property management

Management of other properties

Our experience as well as factual and practical knowledge allows us to professionally manage not only the properties of housing communities, but also, among others, the following:

  • Private property (tenement houses, new buildings),
  • Jointly-owned real estate (including real estate with a share of a commune or the State Treasury),
  • commercial real estate (business premises, garages, etc.),

As part of the management of the aforementioned properties, our duties include in particular:

1) Representation of co-owners of the property

  • externally, including, inter alia, before state and local government administrative authorities,
  • internally, i.e. between owners

2) Legal services

  • drafting tenancy agreements,
  • preparing documentation for court proceedings,
  • support for the law firm

3) Obsługa bankowo – księgowa

  • opening a bank account for the co-owners and making settlements through this account,
  • keeping records of revenues and costs concerning the property,
  • working out the accounting for the supply of utilities to the building,
  • settling property income between co-owners,
  • collecting and settling rents of residential and commercial premises with owners,
  • collecting debts,
  • depositing free funds from real estate on term deposits,
  • preparing drafts of the real estate renovation plan,
  • drawing up financial settlements for co-owners,
  • monitoring and analysing changes in the rates of services and utilities, including gas, electricity, heat, water and sewage, and regulating payments and settlements based on agreements between co-owners

4) Administrative services

  • keeping the list of premises and tenants up to date,
  • ensuring the supply of utilities – concluding, possibly terminating and amending contracts with water, heating, electricity suppliers and waste disposal companies
  • concluding, amending and terminating building insurance contracts,
  • maintaining order and cleanliness in the building and on the premises,
  • drafting and evaluating the content of contracts with contractors,
  • confirming entitlements to premises, issuing certificates, etc,
  • searching for service providers, negotiating prices and contract terms,
  • providing owners with notices of charges, resulting from landlords’ decisions or other legal regulations,
  • securing the property in permanent contracts.

5) Technical maintenance

  • maintaining the technical documentation of the property, including the building log book, as required by building law,
  • observing the deadlines for compulsory technical inspections of the building resulting from the Building Law,
  • Performing mandatory general building inspections,
  • carrying out mandatory gas inspections,
  • ordering and controlling current repairs and maintenance of the building,
  • ordering and controlling the removal of failures and their consequences,
  • preparing renovation plans for the building,
  • making investor and blind cost estimates,
  • preparing materials necessary to select contractors for works carried out on the property, searching for contractors for works, preparing and conducting tender competitions, analysing tenders and selecting a contractor in a manner agreed with co-owners of the property.

Tenancy management

We also offer tenancy management services to our property owner clients. As part of the service, the manager’s responsibilities include:

  • preparing and concluding contracts for the lease of premises, subject to the prior approval of the Owner,
  • calculating rent and other charges for the use of the premises and notifying tenants of their amount,
  • monitoring the payment of rent and other charges related to the use of premises,
  • collecting the Landlord’s receivables on account of the lease of premises,
  • maintaining correspondence with tenants on matters related to the use of premises,
  • taking any action to enforce the tenant to comply with the provisions of the lease agreement in terms of using the premises as intended, maintaining domestic order and the principles of social coexistence.
  • Conducting all activities related to the release, or return of premises by the tenant (including in particular the preparation of the protocol of handover and acceptance, extrajudicial debt collection of the owner, etc.).

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